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3D Art

Training Program

Learn-by-doing training that places you in demand.

A 3D Art Training program that is all you need to start your career in the world of 3D visual effects. We take individuals with raw talent and shape them into the creative professionals demanded by today’s employers.


A unique 20-week program is designed practically, on the "learning-by-doing" principle. You will work on concrete projects, gradually create your first portfolio on the way, getting ready to shine in the industry of 3D visual effects. Mentors are deriving knowledge from the gaming and entertainment industry, and are eager to transfer the latest know-how and practical examples directly to you.

Expert-led training and industry upskilling

Create your own (first) portfolio and start off your new career

Time and place to develop your creative potential

Mentorship from game and entertainment industry professionals

Get access to 100% mentored program

Zero background needed. Let your creativity become unlimited.

20 week program
Intro to Maya
Join the mentors

Intro to Maya

The module is dedicated to an introduction to professional Maya software and insights into 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and animation. Participants will get a sense of the dimensions and possibilities of 3D design and its practical use. The module will prepare you for basic artistic and technical challenges in creating accurate and attractive 3D images. During the module, you will work on practical examples to strengthen your knowledge of Maya and 3D design.



This course teaches to model more complex assets such as cartoon aeroplanes, musical instruments, or electronic devices. Modul introduces essential tools and principles of hard surface modeling with Polygons and smooth preview. Throughout the module, you will become familiar with the techniques from box modelling to sculpting and resurfacing, moreover, you will try to achieve photo realism of models and create them in real-life dimensions. In the module's scope, we will create up to five complex 3D objects.



Texturing is among one of the most important aspects of 3D. Applying materials and making textures is an integral part of computer graphics. You will learn how to use Adobe Substance 3D Painter. A brief overview of surfacing and texturing workflows. Using techniques such as premade textures, textures made from scratch and using procedural tools to achieve realistic or non-realistic materials. This will help you gain basic knowledge of how materials work in virtual worlds.



In the animation module, we will look at the basics of animation in Autodesk Maya. The module will slowly introduce  principles and fundamentals of animation. Since rigging is a vital part of animation, you will also discover how to set up custom rigging systems and bind them to any 3D mesh. Building upon those basics, the module will steadily advance towards more complex animation techniques and tools, concluding the classes with the principles of biped animation. Leaning on diverse and exciting weekly exercises, you will achieve an understanding of animation in Autodesk Maya, including all the necessary production workflows and pipelines.

Tribe mentors

Get a more personalized education with 1-on-1 and small group classes, a supportive community, and industry expert mentors as your guides.

Nejc Srića


Nejc holds a Bachelor's degree in 3D arts. After graduation, he deepened his studies in modeling and digital sculpting at the renowned Gnomon School of Visual Effects. His career then led him to the world of gaming. As a 3D artist he worked in a gaming studio for more than two years, and later joined Slovenian company Guardiaris, specialized in the production of custom-designed training solutions, as a lead 3D Artist. He is currently teaching Modeling also at the renowned European Media Arts Academy Pixl Visn.

Darko Hanžič

Introduction to Maya & Texturing

With more than 18 years of experience in 2D and 3D designing, Darko is a true expert in the entertainment industry. His portfolio includes a vast number of 3D graphics projects that feature visuals from stylized to realistic style. He is currently one of the leading 3D artists at Guardiaris.

Ažbe Rihtaršič


Ažbe Rihtaršič is a Lead Animator at Guardiaris, with a strong foundation in rigging and animation from a bachelor's degree at SAE Institute. With valuable experience at top-tier studios like BunkerVFX, contributing to renowned projects like Crusader Kings 3 and Outlast Trials, he excels in rigging and motion capture animation. Ažbe's expertise makes him an ideal instructor for Animation.

Guardiaris: Elevating Excellence.

Slovenian high-tech innovators with exceptional products and a remarkable team.

Guardiaris is a Slovenian high-tech company that stands out from the average both with its products and its staff. It produces high-quality and innovative simulators intended for military exercises and tactical training, characterized by an extremely realistic environment based on 3D animations and gaming.

3D Art Tribe brings together individuals with world-class top references as well as young enthusiasts who encounter 3D modeling for the first time. What they all have in common is an inexhaustible enthusiasm for work and extraordinary potential. In the Slovenian area, Guardiaris represents an incubator of 3D modeling and programming knowledge that reaches the highest global level.

They are already conducting internal training, but now for the first time they will be sharing their knowledge in the newly founded Guardiaris 3D Art Training Program where they are inspiring and preparing the next wave of passionate and skilled production-ready artists.

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